BASIS Independent Fremont, a Transitional Kindergarten-Grade 8 Private School, teaches the World-Acclaimed BASIS Curriculum.


BASIS Curriculum Schools are the result of a clever experiment: what happens when you take best practices from top education systems in the world, places like Singapore, Finland, and Shanghai, and infuse them with the creativity and spirit that defines American education?

In their university-level economics classrooms, BASIS Curriculum Schools co-founders Dr. Michael and Olga Block quickly realized that students educated abroad were more prepared to excel in their studies - no matter the discipline. In 1998, they opened their first high school in Tucson, Arizona, to get to the bottom of the difference between American education traditions and those from the top performers around the world. 

And thus, an education revolution was born. Twenty eight campuses and over 15,000 students later, BASIS Curriculum Schools teach a blend of the best of progressive and traditional educational models, and are looked to as the gold standard in preparing students with the content knowledge, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills that open up a world of possibility, of unlimited potential in whatever pursuit they seek.

With multiple private school campuses in Silicon Valley, New York City, and one in Northern Virginia, and Shenzhen, China, our Fremont academic community awaits you with open arms!

Join us at an upcoming event to learn more about our acclaimed TK-8 program. 

*Curious what happened to that first BASIS Curriculum School in Tucson? It is widely recognized as one of the best schools in the country by any measure.

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