The earliest years of a child’s education are filled with “aha!” moments that occur in building and uncovering connections between the countless ideas and topics young learners are exposed to every day.

The Early Learning Program at BASIS Independent McLean (age 2 through kindergarten), celebrates curiosity and maximizes a child's innate tendencies to question, explore, and create through intentional learning opportunities. Our classrooms are led by nurturing, passionate teachers who understand the incredible cognitive and emotional growth in students of this age. 

Our program seeks to broaden students' understanding of the world inside and outside the classroom and lays the foundation for a seamless transition into our advanced kindergarten and primary school:

  • Our curriculum is both challenging and pedagogically appropriate for young learners, fostering discovery, independence, and a love of learning.
  • Each classroom is expertly led by two teachers who are responsible for instruction in literacy, math, science, and social studies. 
  • Specialist teachers guide our "specials" classes, which include Mandarin, visual arts, drama, music, STEM, and Movement. 
  • Upon successful completion of PreK, students will have a guaranteed spot in kindergarten.

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