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The BASIS Curriculum

The BASIS Curriculum, founded in 1998, is an exceptional academic program serving students from PreK–grade 12, and is regularly lauded for both top academic performance and student satisfaction. Our program, rooted in the liberal arts and sciences with advanced STEM offerings, is designed to cultivate children’s abilities to acquire new skills and competencies, and build the foundation for a bright future with unlimited potential. The BASIS Curriculum is consistently recognized among the best on both the national and international stage, and has gained notoriety for its breadth, depth, and ability to successfully teach high-level content and critical thinking to students at a young age.

BASIS Curriculum Facts and Figures:

  • 2 minimum hours per week are reserved by teachers for student office hours
  • Two-teacher model in Primary
  • 7.5 hours per week are spent in biology, chemistry, and physics in grades 6–8  
  • 4 AP exams are required to graduate

BASIS Independent students are ahead of global peers in readiness for college and beyond, and possess the self-direction and autonomy to tackle any challenge. 

College Admissions:*

  • Class of 2021 Graduates: 154
  • Average SAT score: 1450 (out of 1600)
  • Average ACT score: 33 (out of 36)
  • Percentage of graduates accepted to top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges:  86%

*All college admissions data is for BASIS Independent Schools as a whole.

About BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley provides students with a global best practices program. 

  • Home to the world-acclaimed BASIS Curriculum, a spiraling liberal arts and sciences program with advanced STEM offerings, designed to inspire mastery and excellence in our students as they learn at the highest international levels.  
  • World-class Subject Expert Teachers raise a student's critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity skills to a global standard.
  • Ranked #1 Best High School for STEM in California and #2 Best High School for STEM in America (Niche 2021).
  • Our campus offers over 70 athletic and club options to help students discover new passions.

Our Programs:

  • Early Learning Program: 
    In Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, we empower young learners' curiosity through inquiry, exploration, and discovery! Students engage in creative and foundational classes such as Mandarin, engineering, drama, and World Discovery. 
  • Primary Program: 
    In the elementary years, grades 1–4, students benefit from the support of our unique two-teacher model as they make significant connections between their various subjects. 
  • Middle School Program: 
    Students in grades 5–8 learn to actively use their knowledge as a tool as they take all three sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), logic, economics, and a world language course and more.   
  • High School Program: 
    Students in grades 9–12 are prepared for the world's best colleges through a daily college counseling class, as well as university-level capstone courses and independent research.

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